Pessimistic View Of My Life

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Growing older, I have realized that I am quite the pessimistic person. From my outward, exuberant personality people who do not know me would never think of me as someone who looks at the glass half empty, but, I must admit, I do. I have never tried to look at the world in such a jaded way, that’s just kind of how it always turns out. Because of my seemingly easy-going, goofy nature, it would appear as if I have a positive outlook on life. My views are much on the contrary, many times contradicting the views of my peers. This can all be true because it is rooted in the belief that you cannot always get what you want. My life has been a series of not getting what I want. I don’t mean this in a strictly materialistic way but rather a way that …show more content…
Us kids finally got to spend time with our dad like we always wanted to, but it was different. Our dad was different. After the accident, my father has never been the same. He is still the goofy, yet badass-looking, dad he has always been. There were times where if you looked at him, I mean really looked at him, you could see the sadness that he felt. These times were far and few between but they were there. My father never wanted for this to happen. He didn’t grow up thinking that he would see a man’s last breath. He didn’t think that all of this would eventually lead to him, for lack of a better word, going crazy. He didn’t think that an incident that happened before my siblings and I were even old enough to comprehend the world would change our lives forever.
We don’t always get what we want. My family wanted to have a normal life, but we never got that. None of this has made me spiteful or angry; I realize that this is just how the world works. I have gone through so many unique situations in my life to realize that the world doesn’t give you what you want. In some cases, I think the world is right, but not all. I am glad I have lived the life I have thus
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This accident wasn’t something that we would’ve ever expected, it all happened so fast, and we wished so badly that it wasn’t us. We can want and want, but in life there are no guarantees. Happiness is all I could want and hope for in life. Ever since I was young, this is what I wanted. Happiness has come to me at times in my life, but when it goes away I know that it is okay; it’ll come back. I have realized that life does things on its own terms and doesn’t care about who you are and what you want. I think that realizing this at such a young age makes me a stronger individual today because I don’t try to fight when fighting doesn’t

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