Persuasive Speech: Why People Drink Coffee

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Why People Drink Coffee
General Purpose: To persuade the audience to support drinking coffee.
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to support Starbucks business, such as in their coffee, tea, and food items.

A. Attention Gainer: How many of you already have a coffee this morning (wait for the audience to answer). Do you make your own coffee or you go to Starbucks? Have you ever thought, why I go to Starbucks when I can go to someplace else with a shorter line and cheaper coffee?
B. Reason to Listen: People should drink coffee because “Caffeine ingestion enhances performance in short-term, resistance exercise to failure and may favorably change the mood state response” (Duncan and Oxford, 2011, Para. 18). Not only does
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Information (sub-point): Companies like Starbucks is not only promoting unhealthy coffee for the community, but they are also motivating consumers to damage the environment. Every dollar people spend at Starbucks is damaging to the environment. Starbucks customers do not realize that Starbucks waste millions of liters of water a day. According to The Guardian, revealed that Starbucks waste at least over 23.4m liter of water (Balakrishnan, 2008, Para. 2). Even though Starbucks are trying to reduce the used of cups but it is still very harmful to the environment.
3. Information (sub-point): Starbucks overpriced coffee is affecting people financials. People often go to Starbuck for their morning coffee, not because the coffee is good or the bean they use is special, it is because of its brand. The consumers are so trap into the ideal of great deals Starbucks offers every day; they do not realize the amount of money they are spending. People are so caught up with the trend that they do not realized there are many other places where they are able to obtain a cup of coffee for a cheaper price.
TRANSITION: Even though there are many controversial against the consumption of caffeine and Starbucks for promoting and motivating people to consume coffee, there are also many credible sources that contradict this
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Information (sub-point): Starbucks is not only a company that is designed to make coffee and make profits, but it is also a company that has a system to help young adults and the community. There are a total of 23,768 Starbucks stores across the country ("Loxcel Starbucks Map,” 2016). And college education is a priority for Starbucks partnership. This is Starbucks created a system called The Starbucks College Achievement Plan, which is first introduced in June 2014 (Starbucks College Achievement Plan, 2015, Para. 2). This plan is partner with Arizona State University, it offer 100% tuition coverage for every eligible U.S. Starbucks employees (ASU Online). With this program, it will allow more young adults to be able to attend college and obtain a college degree. Starbucks does not only help young adults to obtain a college degree, they company also help out their community. Starbucks is partnership with Feeding America, which is one of the top three largest U.S. charities. It is a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks and food rescue organizations ("#3 The 50 Largest U.S. Charities"). With this partnership, Starbucks have also pledge to donate 100% of its unsold food-to-food bank (Kim, 2016, Para. 1). In addition, Starbucks projects its FoodShare program will be able to provide at least 5 million meals to individuals and families in need (Dupere, 2010, Para.

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