Persuasive Speech: Should College Be Free?

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Should college be free?
General Purpose: To persuade the audience to not support the idea of free college
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to support the idea that college should cost money and there are resources to reduce or eliminate the cost of college.
A. Attention Gainer: Who here played or had a family member that played for the billion-dollar Powerball lottery? “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that 's the stuff life is made of.” -Benjamin Franklin
B. Reason to Listen: This presidential election in November is going to be a very important one where there are presidential candidates that are campaigning to pass laws over the United States that would raise taxes and other stipulations to give
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Information (sub-point): Many argue that because tuition was free in the past it should be free now. The main reason college was free was because there were far fewer students, therefore making the cost of a secondary education significantly smaller. “In the 1909-10 school year, for example, 355,000 Americans — or 2.9% of 18- to 24-year-olds — were enrolled in higher education, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. By 2012, those numbers climbed to 31.4 million and 41%. “So you’re dealing with a very different scale and scope,”(Stone, 2016) “The widespread practice of low price combined with low costs was neither effective nor efficient. It meant that little was available even at prestigious institutions for student financial aid, especially in the form of grants or outright scholarships. There was little investment in administrative services that either could enhance student life or advance institutional resources through such offices as fund raising or development. Building and maintaining libraries, laboratories, and other facilities for serious scholarship and research were neglected.”(Thelin, 2015) “Even in the wake of the Great Recession, which hit young people harder than anyone else, those with bachelor’s degrees had median personal incomes $17,500 higher than young high school graduates. Just one year of this income premium would be enough to wipe out the median debt of a public four-year-college graduate, which currently stands slightly above …show more content…
Information (sub-point) Bernie Sanders a prominent democratic presidential candidate has stated that he wants to make public colleges and universities tuition free and stated Germany as a prime example that this could be successful because instead of discouraging students to enter college it would encourage them to go because it is free. Germany students are notoriously called eternal students for their atrocious graduation rates. The piece he didn’t mention was that the services German universities usually don’t provide. Here is a partial list: Sports. Dorms, Elaborate food and other amenities, Subsidized clubs and extracurricular activities, Academic remediation, Flexibility in majors. Along with the conditions for students, they don’t offer tenure to most of the faculty either. (Goldman, 2016) We probably could have free college at a reasonable cost if more universities were subject to these restraints. “This campus is so beautiful, His dorm room is so nice, So many fresh cafeteria choices, never do you constantly hear Johnny just loves math were so glad he’s in such a good program”(Sobel,2013) The type of college Germany provides is solely based on a potential for learning with zero spending on the physical experience that Americans want to be

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