Essay about Persuasive Speech Outline

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I. (Attention Getter) Opening with a question. How many of you believe brand name drugs are better than generic drugs? II. (Reveal Your Topic) Today, I want to talk about generic drugs versus brand name drugs. III. (Establish Credibility) I have been with CVS for four years. I am a nationally certified pharmacy technician (also known as a CPhT). I work alongside many pharmacists and come across many drugs. I have to call doctors every day to change a person’s medication. IV. (Preview) Today, I want to talk about generic drugs. I want to talk why they are equal to brand name drugs, why they are cheaper than brand name drugs, the different inactive ingredients in both generic and brand name drugs. I
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15. Generic makers of this drug do not have to worry about these costs. They didn’t have to spend the money or time to sell their product. J. Generic drugs are on average eighty to eighty-five percent cheaper than brand name medication. This counts for prescription or over the counter drugs.
TRANSITION: Now that we kind of understand why generic drugs are cheaper, we can take a look at what insurance companies tend to cover. IV. Insurance companies are willing to cover generic drugs over brand name drugs. K. Some insurance companies will flat out not cover anything on brand name drugs if a generic equivalent is available. L. Medicaid and Medicare will seldom cover brand name drugs. 16. This is really bad when people are prescribed insulin and eye drops. Usually will require a PA. A lot of insulin and eye drops still does not have generic equivalents. M. Insurance companies will sometimes cover brand name drugs, but they do charge quite a bit more for them. 17. I’ve seen patients pay ten times the amount they would pay for a generic for a brand name drug. $5 to $50
TRANSITION: Now, I’ve gone over so many reasons to why people should see generic drugs as equals to brand name drugs, I want to talk about one possible exception. V. There is at least one exception. Synthroid can be said to work differently (possibly better) than levothyroxine. N. In 2004, the

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