Essay on Persuasive Speech Outline (Using Monroe's Motivated Sequence

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Brandy Holloway
Ms. Dee
Animal Laws Should Be More Strict Many people may not know that animal cruelty has been around for hundreds of years. . In the article "Animal Cruelty Prosecution" published by American Prosecution Research Institute found that, The Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony established “The Body of Liberties” found by the Animal Cruelty Prosecution, in 1641. The Body of Liberties was a document written for the protection of animals from unnecessary pain and suffering. Animal cruelty happens every day whether it is from starving, beating, lack of medical care or proper housing for animals. We are in need of stricter laws to help fight the rights of animals. Animal laws should be more strict on people
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Some of the effects that animals have from abuse are having mental problems and trust issues; some also have health problems and breathing problems. Some will even show signs of weight loss.
The only animal law that I believe in is, Title 578.016. Impoundment of animal found off property of owner or custodian. “Any duly authorized public health official, law enforcement official, or animal control officer may impound any animal found outside the owned or rented property of the owner or custodian of such animal when such animal shows evidence of neglect or abuse. The owner will be contacted within five business days by mail or phone. If the owner does not claim the animal after ten days then it will be put up for adoption or humanely killed,” according to the Missouri Cruelty to Animals Statues. One day someone’s dog got out of the yard and the animal control officer was driving by. He saw the dog going through the trash that someone put out. He stopped and checked the dog out and saw that the dog was hungry. He then put the dog in the truck and took it to the pound. I believe that was the right thing to do because the dog was starving. No animal deserves to be neglected or abused by anyone. There are many different ways animals can be mistreated. These animals show different ways of being affected when being neglected or abused. The laws are not as strict as they

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