Essay about Persuasive Speech - Original Writing

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Another night, another damn night you were stuck at a bar babysitting Sam and Dean. If they didn’t score any, it was your job to make sure they got home safely. You could have been studying for your final exams of this semester, but no. Dean just had to try and get some tonight. He knew you’d never say no to anything he asked, and he milked it sometimes.
You sat alone in the dark booth, nursing your drink. You glanced around the room looking for Sam when your eyes found Dean. He was hitting on the blonde bartender, her breasts basically popping out of her lacy tank top as she leaned over the counter to whisper something in his ear. Rolling your eyes in disgust, you looked back down at your drink. How pathetic it was of you to pine over the older Winchester when you know he doesn’t have feelings for you like that. Your self-pity party was interrupted when the Sam slides in to the booth beside you.

“You know he doesn’t deserve you, right?” turning to Sam, you watch as he takes a swig of his beer nonchalantly.

“I…I just wish he wouldn’t file me under the ‘Charlie’ category.” You felt a tear escape from your eye and watched as it hit the wooden table.

“What’s the Charlie…” his face turned into a scowl when it clicked, “…like the sister he never wanted.”

“Look Y/N, I don’t think you should be with Dean because I rather not have to right hook my brother when he hurts you, but…you know how protective he is...” You weren’t catching on, so he continued, “get him jealous, and…

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