Persuasive Speech - Original Writing Essay

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You weren 't proud to be caught here so late, fidgeting outside Steve 's door, but you needed some good company. Even your infamous pride couldn 't keep you away tonight. You spent a few awkward moments nervously standing in front of the door before you gained the courage to knock, which was silly when you thought about the fact that Steve had never once done anything to make you nervous about anything. But, similarly, you 'd never been in a position like this, and despite knowing that you and Steve were close enough for this sort of favor, dating seemed to allow for such graces, it was hard to not worry you might be asking for too much. Before you could wind yourself up too much further, you heard the door unlock and you tried to compose yourself as best you could. Brave face, you told yourself silently, keep up a brave face.

The door opened and Steve popped into view, first looking confused and then bursting into his trademark beaming smile when he saw you. “You 're back!” You tried to give him your best smile in return, but judging by how quickly his expression fell into concern you didn 't do a very good job. “Are you okay? Did something happen?”

“Oh, no! Well, um, sort of?” This was a mistake, you decided. You were making a huge mistake, this was silly, it wasn 't even a big deal. Still, you pressed on. “I just need- wanted to talk, and I thought that maybe, if you didn 't mind, I could, um...” When did your throat get so dry? Your nerves were making it hard to just…

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