Persuasive Speech - Original Writing Essay

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He grinned widely as Amaimon spoke to him, murmuring his name as he walked over. "Welcome home," he chuckled quietly, finding his words very, very funny. Welcome home was what the earth King said to him when he got home, not the other way around. Amaimon had been here all day so he needed no welcome, but now the tables were turned, which was why it was funny. Or...was to Mephisto, how had lost most of his blood and was close to passing out. He laughed some more, sticking his tongue out, figuring himself so very witty. Mephisto nodded as Amaimon pressed down on the wound in his stomach. He too a deep breath, trying to concentrate on staying awake, staying here for his brother. " 'll be better once it 's bandaged. I 'll be okay for a few minutes," he murmured, glad that Amaimon had looked away From the wound, since it obviously upset him so. He met the younger demon 's gaze and tilted his head,a asking a question that had been on his mind for a while now. "Will you be okay?" His mind wandered to that night, that terrible, terrible night. He remembered how his husband had sobbed in the shower, how he 'd pretended to be asleep, instead of upset and in pain, so that Amaimon could sleep. So that he could get some much needed rest. How he 'd longed to comfort his brother that night, tried to walk to the bathroom to find he couldn 't move. In the end it had been better to just let Amaimon rest rather than worry him further. "This all must be so disorienting."

Despite his…

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