Persuasive Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Steve another policeman that was best friends with my dad would drop me off at school and my mom would pick me up. That was great except who was there to protect me in school. I was still being bullied on a regular bases and my mom was in school all the time fighting for me. We even pressed charges on some of the kids so they would take bullying seriously. So we thought! One day Mr. Stevenson was out due to the passing of his mother. Chris one of the kids in my class who was there .Chris was always in fights, except this day he was in a particularly bad mood. We were sitting at a round table doing math when we both went to reach for the same calculator. He grabbed the calculator, hit me in the side of my head, knocked me down to the floor and started kicking and punching me. I punched him in the head and kicked him off me. At the time I hadn’t realized I had actually broken my wrist when I punched him. Again off to the hospital, but this time the substitute teacher was there talking to my mom. He said he talked to both the principal and the kid’s parents and they were going to suspend both of us. He was so angry he went to the police department to file charges against the other kid Chris. The sub said he had enough of his bullying and his parents. Apparently this was the 12th or 13th time Chris was in trouble. He said it was time for someone to take action so we did. My mom got permission for me to have a private one on one teacher with me at all times till the end of the…

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