Persuasive Speech On Vegan Diet

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Ever since you can remember, you have probably been told that humans are omnivores. Indeed, as far as we know, humans have always consumed meat and other animal products, but just because it has always been so, it doesn't meant that this is the right path. You may think that being a vegan is not healthy since meat contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for our well being. You may also think that a vegan diet is expensive. As far as we are concerned, we like to do some research before believing everything we hear. In what follows, we will discuss a few main reasons why we believe that the vegan diet is a good choice for everybody.
1. Because we can

As the most evolved species on Earth, it should be our duty to care for the less intelligent species. While animals eating each other is part of the circle of life, humans take
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Due to the fact that being a vegan requires some time and effort, vegans usually do some research about the food they eat. They read the labels of all packaged food, something that we should all do, and they try to have a balanced diet. Even people who are part vegans are less exposed to obesity risks. In essence, meat is neither good nor bad for our health, but like it goes with everything in life, eating meat in excess in not advisable as it can lead to obesity, liver problems (due to too much protein) and many other health problems.
3. Because you can get all necessary nutrients for plants

The main benefits of eating meat are fibers and proteins. However, everything that we find in meat, can also find in fruits and vegetables. You can get plenty of protein from legumes, nuts and seeds, but also from certain veggies such as spinach. The truth is that being a vegan, requires you to find ways in which you can replace meat, which will drive you to actually respect the necessary daily amount of nutrients, something that people who have an omnivorous diet rarely do.
4. Because a vegan diet is

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