Persuasive Speech On Throw Away Money

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No one likes to throw away money. But that is exactly what you do when you live in a rented apartment. You pay a monthly rent and you never see that money again. Yes, you do get a roof over your head, and hopefully all the utilities you need, such as electricity, heat, and water, but still, you are paying for things you will never own. Instead that money is going into someone else’s pocket. In other words, you are throwing away money. It is disappearing out of sight and you have nothing to prove that it was ever used. If you lived in an apartment for two years, and let’s say the rent amounted to about $700, including monthly utility costs, how much money would you spend in total? Well just baseline it would be $700 multiplied by the …show more content…
Some people, after the foreclosure crisis, are scared of buying property. They do not know if they can handle a huge mortgage hovering over their heads. Some people simply don’t like the idea of being committed entirely to a home. So many people are looking into the “rent-to-own” option. They are still paying rent but they are almost forced to save up money by paying a little extra for rent. Some people realize that they would not save up money on their own, and like this option that almost does it for them. For example, my brother, newly married, decided to go with a “rent-to-own” home. He knew he was not the greatest with putting aside money, and neither was his wife, so he decided his best option would be a “rent-to-own” home where he would pay extra at the end of the month, but now three years after living at this home, he had built up equity on the home. They hope one day of owning the home they are now renting. Essentially, these gradual options help many people who do not want to jump all in. Many people are skeptical about buying homes, but these options give them the freedom to save up for a home in the future, or simply live in a place that feels more like a home. It might not be an options for everyone, but it is very encouraging for people who have dealt with foreclosure and do not want to deal with it again. It is definitely an up and coming method of home owning and

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