Persuasive Speech On Teenage Suicide

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How would you like knowing that your kid has had suicidal thoughts? Just imagine all these other parents going through this stage, knowing that their children do not want to live only this world anymore. Well I will be sharing some information that I have found about the effects, causes, statistic, emotions, and treatments of teenage suicide. People see suicide as if it was not important but that is absolutely not true. These young teenagers see suicide as their only way out because they feel as if they are not important. Suicide is more of an individual thing because these teenagers are not just going to go tell everybody they want to commit suicide. When a person is going through a rough time, they can go through the depression and …show more content…
One of the causes that is the most common is bullying. Bullying is just being hateful to other people, these mean people do it for the laughs and attention but in reality they are hurting the person who their bullying. “As painful as bullying can be for teens. Most who are bullied do not resort to suicide. But for their who feel like they cannot take it anymore suicide may seem like the only means of escape.” I recommend the parents of these teenagers to check their stuff, such as their social media, text messages just in case they are not being bullied they can prevent a huge tragedy. At the age of thirteen to nineteen, many teens have a good relationship while others relationship are not working and go through breakups. Most of these teenagers also want to commit suicide because of stress and breakups or in the other case not being good looking and getting rejected in the other case. Nobody should be judge by their looks, this Is just awful. Unfortunately these teens think that it may be the end of the world because of a simple breakups, come on you teenagers are still just kids and have a long life to live and enjoy. Family problems can also be a major impact. Teenagers who are being ignored feel irritated and sad. Sometime when these teens go too far they might not show up to school and their parents would not even care. Teachers have to immediately let someone know if they are …show more content…
Well just letting you people know the numbers are really high more than anyone would expect! “11 percent had tried to kill themselves, while 40 percent, felt at times that there was no point in living.” And each year 25,000 young people are admitted to hospitals because they 've harmed themselves, often by cutting into their arms and legs or taking poison.” Here are some interesting Facts that I have found. Most of the youth victims who take it try to take their own lives is because of a mental illness or substance abuse, but 40.6% are from illness such as depression. One of the resources centers have stated that teens are more likely to suicide themselves or if they have heard or even witness other suicide attempts. Something needs to be done to decrease these amounts of teenagers killing themselves. The number of death caused by suicide are ridiculous, about 300 people commit suicide making it the second most common deaths. Some people say that the result of having a firearm in the arm while your kid is going though this time is extremely bad and just increases the risk of these children using it to kill themselves. It is obvious that these teenagers are not thinning these problems straight. In some cases I have read about how demons or diabolic stuff enter the teenagers body and make them commit suicide, obviously there is nothing that can be done because everything is in the person 's mind and if he

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