Why Immigration Is Wrong America

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I always looked at immigration as unfair political issue. Not only it is unfair, it is unreasonable!

The first immigrants in United States were here as early as 1600.

That would make 416 years of people immigrating to US. That means you, you and you!

According to migration policy, immigrants make 26% of US population.

It 's the guy who cuts your grass who you pay the minimum wage, the boy who washes dishes in the restaurant after you eat, the lady who cleans your house spotless whose back is killing her but she has to feed her children, last but not least it 's your president.

If immigration was to be so wrong America would not have Albert Einstein; Nikola Tesla; Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo; Andras Istvan
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Adam Lanza, killed 26 people; Timothy McVeigh, took 168 lives when he bombed a federal building; and James Holmes, took 12 lives at a movie theater, were all white American males. So, do these American citizens deserve the rights of citizenship more than a hardworking immigrant with no criminal record?

There are more crimes committed daily by citizens of the country than by immigrants.

Not all Americans are bad just like not all immigrants are good. One thing is for sure, this land, our earth does not belong to anyone. It belongs to everyone.

If America is so great why are so many African-Americans unemployed, why are C average students getting financial aid, why are families separated, why am I not able to go see my grandma before she passes, why are you giving citizenship to terrorists, why are you sending students away who got their education in US with high grades, why are you so ignorant? Simple, you see life from your perspective
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All these are very wrong. But believe me when I say if you have not lived it you can not understand. They are desperate actions taken by desperate human beings. Until government realizes what 's wrong with this country they will keep happening.

The government gives money to rich, food stamps to drug addicts, citizenship to terrorists.

I think I speak for many immigrants when I say we do not ask for anything for free!

No you should not give citizenship or residency to everyone, because not everyone deserves it. There are thousands of illegal immigrants who work and pay their taxes, even though they do not have to. The are immigrant students who get good grades and want to help American economy. There are thousands of immigrants who work extra hard so you do not have to.

We want to work! We will not hurt you in return! We will not abuse the system! We want to pay taxes! We want to do things the right way! We want to be treated like human beings, so please do not send us back so we can be treated like animals!

Make your land our land, and watch this country rise

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