Persuasive Speech On Hunting

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How many of you like to hunt for sport, exercise for fitness, or even food for the family? Well you can do all of these if you have the right papers and tags. There has been a huge growth in the past years thanks to management efforts and taxes that hunters pay. Hunters pay hundreds of dollars for licenses and tag per year. Some licenses can cost anywhere from ninety to one hundred twenty dollars. Some hunters will pay 32,000 dollars plus the pursuit of the animals on a ten day hunt (Helliker A. 6).
Therefore, I believe that hunting is a very good sport to take up. It will help your physical condition and keep your heart ticking better. Hunting is an extreme fitness boom. It will help you in your physical strength, and by having you
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About 60 percent of experts say that getting rid of them from the endangered list would put them in much more danger, and create many more violations .The bears are looking for more food, therefore they are moving out of the recovery zone to do this. These things puts them at greater risk of killing people’s livestock that they worked hard to raise. If the bears kill the livestock, the farmers and ranchers would have to resort to shooting them. Bears will go through people’s trash and if little kids are in the area someone could get attacked and then they would have to population control. Bears can easy break into houses and go through people’s cabinets. People say that the bears are worth more to the state alive then dead (Hinckley). Female hunters are also joining the sport, many of them did not grow up hunting and are new to it .Some are also going out with boyfriends and spouses. In the years from 2001 through 2011 the percent of hunters that are female went up 9%, and more are joining the sport. The numbers of hunters that are female went from 1.2 million to 1.5 million …show more content…
President Obama and others that follow him think that these guns should be banned from being used. Mr. Pereira a man who regularly shoots at the firing range shoot an AR-15 rifle that he and his sons bought for six hundred dollars and four hundred dollars for the accessories that he had put on it. He had put on handle grips, sights, and a thirty round clip so he doesn’t have to reload all the time. He said “I like the way it looks and I like the sport of it.” “It’s a good, clean fun and I have it if I ever need if for personal protection.” Many people who love guns do it with a lot of exasperation. Some say that most people who don’t shoot guns do not understand the modern weapons because of new technology. Some say that banning some assault rifles will do nothing to stop crime. Mr. Plasencia shoots an AR-15 with just a five round clip when he goes deer hunting and said that it is no different from any other semiautomatic hunting rifles. He said “I have a thirty round clip for my AR at home for home defense.” The less common but also popular models based on the AK-47 the soviet assault rifle that is wildly used in the world (Eckholm

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