Persuasive Speech On Healthy Food

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You know that most of us deserved to become healthy in the long run. However, there’s a problem. Although we appreciate our teachers and nutritionists about the basics of being healthy, there are some key points that they didn’t reveal to us. You also know that not all of us are exempted from suffering any kind of ailment regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and so on, right? It means that these diseases could strike anytime without warning, and it may get worse once you may not find ways to treat it once and for all.

Here’s what they really taught us in life about being healthy:

• Live a healthy diet
• Regular exercise
• Avoid stress and toxins

But do you think this is all that they could teach you? Absolutely not. In order to compliment
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1 - Eating healthy foods alone doesn’t supply you with the right amount of micronutrients

Micronutrients are essential to the daily needs of your body. Although fruits and vegetables can make us healthy, however it has lack of micronutrients that your body needs. In our era today, fruits and vegetables are planted in poor soil, sprinkled with unwanted chemicals and make them processed. As a result, micronutrients within them are mostly gone which is not enough to make our cells healthy.

Let’s say you have a plan of preparing a garden salad for lunch. If you’re on a diet, this is absolutely one of the best recipes you should ever prepare. However, the problem is that you’re buying the ingredients from a supermarket or a public market which are already processed and not really “raw”. You slice these vegetables with a quality vegetable slicer and added it with salad dressing or vegetable oil. For sure it’s delicious, but it won’t make you healthy even if you keep eating the same recipe every day despite losing you weight. The same thing goes whatever recipe you may find in the internet that could keep you healthy in the long
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There’s nothing wrong about prioritizing other things for you and your family, but remember that each individual in this world only lives once. Would you enjoy your life with all the material things you wanted while your health is deteriorating? If you invest in your health first with a quality nutritional supplement, the rest that you ever dreamed of will follow. Best of all, you can enjoy the life that you really wanted.

Now that you know supplementation cannot be ignored, it’s time for you to find the best natural organic ones in the market. There’s no perfect brand for you to try, but at least what you’ve got to lose. The best thing about nutritional supplements is that not only it has capabilities of improving your condition, but it also prevents a certain chronic illness from getting worse. This is one reason why it’s a bad idea for you to ignore natural organic supplementation in today’s

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