Persuasive Speech On Finding Bigfoot

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If you live in the northern part of the United States or in Canada, you may have heard of the story about Bigfoot. Different places around the world may know him as other things, like the “Yeti” or “Sasquatch”. The main thing I am trying to get at is why has he not been found yet? We have all this advanced technology and still cannot find him? How can this one species be spotted in two different parts of this country? How does that even make sense? We have all these people looking for this creature known as Bigfoot and he still can’t be found, we are so ahead in technology and he still cannot be found. Every time we have pictures of him, they seem to be blurry. The whole reason people believe in Bigfoot is, because he was created in a native folktale. …show more content…
People have claimed to have found him. If we have all of this technology why can’t our pictures be clear? So what makes you think that Bigfoot is real? Is it all these fake stories on the internet, I mean because everything on the internet is right? Well I’m going to be the person that ruins it for you, because some things on the internet are lies. This Bigfoot story has gone over its head over the past couple of years. What I mean by this is they have created a show called “Finding bigfoot.” It is a TV show where a group that believes that Bigfoot is out there. During this show they respond to peoples calls about findings or pictures around where they supposedly spotted him. They show up to the sitting gather their information, and go out through the night doing Bigfoot calls and wait for loud thumps or leaves ruffling

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