Persuasive Speech On Drunk Driving

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Today may be the day that your best friend dies in a car accident due to drunk driving, you never know. Statistics show that every 51 minutes an individual in the United States dies due to a drunk driver. This means that 28 people die every day, to alcohol related car crashes daily. Statistics also show that chances are one in every three individuals will be involved with an alcohol related crash. Now, the question is, what are you going to do about these numbers?
If each of you takes a stand in the fight against drinking and driving, the world would be completely different. Those numbers mentioned earlier would fall like rain from the sky. So, how is this possible? First, you can sign up with advocacy groups online or in your community. Multiple groups are standing up against drunk driving. If you cannot find one online or somewhere in your community, start your own. When it comes to making a difference it the world, it only
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About five years ago, my church and I were going Christmas caroling in surrounding communities. We went out in hope of sharing the cheer of Christmas. We rode on a truck that carried a trailer covered with hay bales. All of the kids and their families sat on the hay bales as we drove through town. Some of the kids were tired of sitting on hay bales and decided to go sit on the edge of the trailer. The driver then called back and told the kids that they were not to let their feet hang nor were they able to sit on the edge. About fifteen minutes later, a swerving drunk driver came and banged into our trailer three different times. In this situation, we were very blessed, but not everyone is. In this particular circumstance, several kids could have lost their legs or easily died. To prevent situations like this we need to share our story, especially those who have had severe injuries and losses due to drunk

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