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Thesis: Although dachshunds are an excellent breed of dog to own because they are charming in appearance, easy to care for and loyal to their owners, they do present certain challenges.
Introduction: When searching for the right breed of dog, I suggest looking at owning a Dachshund. They are more commonly known as “wiener dogs” because of their long bodies. I have the pleasure of owning one and know how intelligent, loyal and personable they are. When considering choosing a dog, many people are not aware of what a great dog breed they are to have as a pet. However, they should also be aware of certain challenges their breeding and behavior may present.
Classification: The breed originated in Germany and was bred to have the ability to follow badgers and other small game into their burrows and still be able to move while having the jaw and body strength to overcome their prey. It was also bred to be quick and agile. The name literally interprets to dachs – badger and hund – dog or “Badger Dog.” There are three varieties of dachshund; standard, tweenie and miniature. All are well known for being short and stout and having very long bodies. To be considered a “standard” dachshund, the dog must be between sixteen and thirty-two pounds and no more
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The dogs’ diet is closely linked to their overall health. Dachshunds love to eat but are prone to having upset stomachs. However, purchasing a vet-recommended food usually helps to overcome this problem. A good balanced food for a Dachshund will contain “at least 50% meat and 50% vegetables. Poultry, beef and lamb are all viable options for inclusion in a quality food for Dachshunds. There are dog foods that are specially formulated for the Dachshund breed. They include supplements to promote bone and joint health. The purchase and use of a “slow-feeder” bowl which makes the dog take it’s time in eating can also be of use. (The Association of American Feed Control Officials,

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