Persuasive Speech On Capital Punishment

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Since childhood we have all been taught that murder is wrong. I purpose to you, what is capital punishment then? In its purest form, capital punishment is state-sanctioned murder. More than half of the states in America still use the death penalty as the ultimate form of punishment for criminals, and this must change. Throughout humanity 's history, we have always had strong opinions about the consequences for the consequences of terrible crimes such as homicide or rape. But as a society we have grown out of torturous methods of punishment such as, being sawed in half, the use of The Wheel, flaying a person alive, execution by fire, slow decapitation, or being hanged, drawn, and quartered. We stopped using such methods because we have realized …show more content…
Modern psychology and sociology have given us new insights into why certain individuals become criminals. They have also given us new possibilities in the treatment of violent and antisocial behavior. What was once considered just “evil nature,” we now recognize as a complex combination of physical, social, and psychological factors. Based on these new understandings, all Western democracies except the United States have stopped capital punishment. So in the Western world, at least, capital punishment is unusual.” (Hanks) As of November 2015 one-thousand, four hundred twenty-one executions have occurred since 1976 after the Supreme Court declared that the death penalty is not a violation of the Eighth Amendment 's ban on cruel and unusual punishment via Gregg v. Georgia (428 U.S. 153). While it does shape ways a jury may use and carry out the punishment. I wholeheartedly do not agree with capital punishment. Even as a child I understood the hypocrisy at hand. There is that classic abolitionist proverb: Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? “An eye for an eye” is no way to dole out punishment, especially when we as a society do not implement this same type of thinking for other criminals. We do not rape rapists. We do not torture torturers. We do not burn arsonists. And we should not murder

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