Persuasive Speech On Capital Punishment

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Since childhood we have all been taught that murder is wrong. I purpose to you, what is capital punishment then? In its purest form, capital punishment is state-sanctioned murder. More than half of the states in America still use the death penalty as the ultimate form of punishment for criminals, and this must change. Throughout humanity 's history, we have always had strong opinions about the consequences for the consequences of terrible crimes such as homicide or rape. But as a society we have grown out of torturous methods of punishment such as, being sawed in half, the use of The Wheel, flaying a person alive, execution by fire, slow decapitation, or being hanged, drawn, and quartered. We stopped using such methods because we have realized just how uncivilized and brutal these acts of punishment are. Now in days we still kill citizens whom …show more content…
Tens of thousands homicides happen each year, but only a few hundred murderers are actually convicted. These numbers show that the prospect of being sentenced to death does not deter people from committing crimes. “Drug dealers are more aware of the death penalty on the streets (for selling bad drugs, or not paying for drugs, or invading another 's territory) than the State 's imposed capital punishment. Consequently, when you successfully assail the only two purposes advanced as support for capital punishment (retribution and deterrence), any other purposes can be achieved by other punitive measures. For example, protection of society can be achieved by incarcerating dangerous individuals for the rest of their lives. Moreover, a life without parole sentence can also serve to deter and can address rehabilitation as a goal, which capital punishment cannot”. (Williams) Death is too easy of a punishment for someone who takes another 's life. Spending the remained of one 's life in total isolation from the rest of the world is far more

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