Personal Narrative: A Recipe For Success

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A recipe for success. I like cake, Do you like cake? Have you ever creeped into the kitchen at night and took a little slice? Cake is so good we’d eat it raw; that's right even the batter is good! You have so many flavors; vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and I think everyone's favorite pound cake!! If i told you right now all cake was the same, you all would look at me crazy. Nevertheless, cake comes in different flavors and styles, but they all contain these basic ingredients. Flour, eggs, and sugar. What does flour, eggs, and sugar have to do with commit, increase, and stand? Within those three words I’ve found something interesting. I found one common denominator. Commit, increase, and stand are all verbs. Most of us know that verbs are used to express actions. With the help of God, we can use these three simple actions to get closer to him. Flour, eggs, and sugar ingredients that classifies a cake. While commit, increase, and stand are actions that defines a believer’s life. I’ve learned, in order to excel in something to your best ability, …show more content…
We’re always prepared for an upgrade. We were not satisfied with the IPhone 7, so we jumped right to an IPhone X . January 2nd, 2018, your friend on facebook started a weightloss journey. The following week you seen them at the wendy’s around the corner with a 4 for 4, two cookies, and a diet drink. We have nomad tendences, we cannot stay in one way or place for a long point of time. Occasionally, to commit you have to get uncomfortable sometimes. Commitment is often seen as a scary thing. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” If someone ask anyone in this building who’s ahead of their lives, We’d all say God. If I asked you do you love him, you'd typically say, Yes, you do. Nevertheless, how many of us can honestly say we’ve moved the first time God told us

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