Persuasive Speech On Blood Donation Essay

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Ciara Martinez
Communication 103
Persuasive Outline, Stock Issues
November 3 2016
Why You Should Donate Blood
General Purpose: To persuade

A. Attention Gainer: “Up to 3 lives are saved by one pint of donated blood,” that means that if all of us 20 students just in this class were to donate blood, as many as 60 lives could be saved (Rock River Valley Blood Center).
B. Reason to Listen: Blood donation affects more lives than some are aware of, it may have helped your family, friends, or neighbors; it is a subject everyone should be concerned about.
C. Speaker Credibility (right to inform): Being a strong advocate for helping others has brought me much interest in the subject of blood donation; this has influenced me to conduct research through credible sources so that I can present to you the benefits of donating blood.
D. Thesis statement: Today I will tell you why it is important to donate blood.
E. Preview your Main Points: With blood in such high demand and there being a shortage of it, it is highly recommended that those who are able to donate do so, it will leave one feeling gratified for many reasons.

A. Main Point # 1 (Problems/Harms) There is an overwhelming amount of people in need of blood in America and it is difficult to fulfill the amount of blood needed.
1. Information (sub-point) In hospitals blood is used for various types of people such as “those who have cancer; those who have heart, stomach, or kidney diseases; those who have…

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