Persuasive Speech : No Child Left Behind Essay

1789 Words Nov 27th, 2015 8 Pages
When we are faced with making the right decision based on data we have to keep in mind that the leaders is striving for success, there are critical moments when they can be problematic, perplexed, and tense. However, the audacious decisions are they are the best decision leader can make. These sources provide useful and practical guidance for making efficient and effective decisions in any classroom. However, No Child Left Behind is a very controversial federal law goal is to bring all students up to proficient level. The act suggests certain improvements to the educational system of the United States to be met and schools make annual yearly progress, but there are a lot of stimulation placed on schools in the Unites States if they do not make annual yearly progress within a 10-11 year time frame. This policy was put into practice to improve the performance of public schools through spiraling unbelievable expectations, target objectives and standards of success for all students in the public school system, even those with learning disabilities, medical disabilities, and behavior disabilities. The NCLB Act mandates that all students be proficient in math and reading by the year 2014, with the development of “highly qualified” teachers. Rigorous assessment of students’ standardized tests scores is the governments is based on students’ performance and schools evaluation. Since the implementation of NCLB, many school programs has changed, placing federal funds in areas…

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