Persuasive Speech : Fast Food Restaurants Essay

1128 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
We all know the feeling of heading home from work after a busy, long, workday and wondering what’s for dinner. Most of the time we know there is food there to cook. Many of us even spent a good hour or so planning out meals for the week. All too often, however, the thought of coming home at 7:00pm and having to chop tomatoes, light the grill, and cook the marinated chicken seems to be not only a waste of time, but utterly exhausting. With nearly 70% of American mothers now working full time jobs, the ease and convenience of running through a fast food drive-thru to save a little extra time is more popular than ever. The majority of us have our daily schedules filled to the max and are willing to do almost anything to save some time and energy. Fast food restaurants are aware of this struggle we face, and have taken advantage of that by luring us in with the help of kid-friendly marketing and affordable prices. Unfortunately, this presents the false narrative that fast food is good for you, and your health. Over indulging any foods high in sugar, fat, and calories can not only make you feel worse immediately afterwards, but it can impact the over quality of your health. It is important that we realize the affects fast food can have on us and find ways to make it more of a last resort, rather than a daily convenience. “The difference between a fast-food meal and a home-cooked one is the sheer quantity of calories and fat it delivers in one go.” (Martindale) Over consumption…

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