Persuasive Speech - Don 't Hour Drive Felt Like An Eternity Essay

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That hour drive felt like an eternity. I was anxiously and impatiently squirming around in my seat waiting for my dad to arrive at the lot to take my road test; I couldn 't wait. Thankfully, the skies were clear and the roads were dry; I couldn 't have asked for a better day to take my test, but still, I couldn 't even feel my body. I felt like every minute that passed by was a whole hour within itself; I just wanted to be there already. My dad was trying to give me motivational pep talks to help me feel more confident, but they weren 't really helping. I knew I was ready; however, I felt like I would crack under all the pressure. I just wanted the test to be over with already and it hasn 't even started. Finally, we arrived. There were about ten other cars ahead of me; great, an even longer wait while I was dying with anticipation. One car went, then another, and other, until it was finally my turn. The lady who was conducting my test started walking towards my car. She looked like an angry person; I was nervous for her to be the one grading my test. I thought she was going to be super strict. The conductor finally reached my car as my dad was getting out to go stand with the other parents who were nervously waiting for their kids to come back arrive back at the lot. He found a cute girl and started flirting as per usual. As for me, I was shaking in my shoes. The conductor got into my car as I switched into the driver 's seat and fastened my seatbelt. The conductor did…

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