Essay Persuasive Speech : Be A Motivator

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Be a Motivator Our motivation seems to decrease as we get old. When we are born, we have the motivation to do anything. As children, we are all over the place and into everything. As we get older, we become less motivated to do anything, we sleep more, watch TV more and eat more. Many people believe that our success depends on others, so nowadays we are willing to set back and see what will happen. Some people believe that we are supposed to be motivated by other people and things. People should motivate us to work hard, to go to school, to lose weight, and money should motivate us to go to work. This is true about children also. Children do things their parents ask them to do because they feel they have to, not because of motivation. The truth is that it is hard to motivate anyone that does not want to be motivated. The more you complain the less they will do. It is important not only that we motivate others, but to help others to learn how to “self-motivate”. Children and adults need to find an interest area in order for them to be motivated about doing something. The best way to deal with a non-motivated person is to let them make their own choices and face the consequences good or bad.

Be a Role Model To be a great leader you should be a role model. As stated by Dr. Stone “As a leader you must serve as a role model for the followers.”
• If you want your students to be punctual, be punctual.
• If you want your students to be merciful, be merciful.
• If…

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