Persuasive Speech About Obesity

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It’s a Food-Thing According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive, “In America today, more than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults are considered to be obese” (NIDDK 1). This statistic is rising and is expected to reach 50 percent by the end of this century due to the unhealthy food epidemic in our country. The primary thing that causes obesity is, well you guessed it: food. It’s the one thing that we humans, especially in the U.S today, can’t seem to get enough of, and it’s starting to show— literally. This “Golden Age” of our

time also happens to be associated with a lower life expectancy due to heart disease related illnesses caused by high cholesterol and diabetes. I believe that this obesity epidemic needs to be addressed.
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To begin, we must first implement mandatory school programs that aim to educate students about healthy eating and about how to read food labels properly. Now I 'm not talking about some basic third grade health class that teaches propaganda from food companies like the food pyramid. Instead, there should be a system in place that introduces kids to nutrition at an early age, and then as time goes on, go more in depth with things like the anatomy of different nutrients and how they play their role in our bodies. For example, students should be required to pass these rigorous classes that go in depth about difficult topics such as macronutrients, correct calorie counting, effects of preservatives, organic foods, and other important aspects of the food spectrum. Furthermore, in higher education environments like college, pupils should be required to take at least one health and nutrition class every year to further expand and improve the knowledge of each generation. Also, these courses should be written by well known, unbiased, doctors and nutritionists who are not sponsored by any company or organization. This way, they keep the well-being of society their main …show more content…
In our western civilization, we usually live to eat which has led to an obesity epidemic. According to U.S News in “U.S Obesity Rate May Hit 42% by 2050”, the obesity rate in America could reach 42%; that’s almost half of the population labeled as overweight. This will cause catastrophic consequences on our health care: driving up costs and treatments, lowering overall productivity, and leading to a lesser quality of life in our society. I personally believe that in order to do things right in life, you must start from the basics with food. Therefore, with the right diet and lifestyle, we are able to live full and happy lives. However, in order for everyone to do this, many radical reforms need to be implemented that redesign our knowledge of food and what needs to be eaten, but more specifically, what doesn 't need to be eaten. We should start by tackling monopolies in the food industry whose main goals are to to maximize wealth and revenue. Another option we have, which may even be more effective, is to implement school and college programs that aim to educate youths about the realities of food and health. In the end, with proper implementation and structure, I believe that these reforms will fix up the obesity and diabetes epidemic in our country. Just food for

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