Persuasive Speech About Helping The Homeless

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Has everyone forgotten that those who are homeless are beings too? Persons who are less fortunate occasionally have to result in dumpster diving just to eat. Every day so many of us drive by these individuals and look away. Does society not care anymore? What has happened to the love that all of us are supposed to be showing one another? Vagrant people need love and assistance from all of us. There are several ways that each of us could be doing our share to help the homeless. Everybody should help those who dumpster dive because it would help the homeless stay fed, healthy, and clean. First of all, do not pass judgement on the homeless. These individuals are on the streets for a reason, and none of us has a reason to judge. Some of the reasons that people end up being homeless is because of an addition such as, alcohol or drugs. Even those who have low paying jobs can …show more content…
People need to endure what a homeless person goes through, so they can have a better understanding of what this soul goes through. Individuals should walk around the city, go a day without a bath, dumpster dive, beg for money, and sleep outside for one night. After experiencing all these different scenarios people attitudes would change towards the homeless. People would be more loving and caring. Everyone would want to help the homeless. Folks would be more involved and do all they can for the less fortunate. In conclusion, everyone has been taught according to God’s law that all of us should help the poor. It should be on everyone’s agenda to do good things aimed at those who are less fortunate. Those who are homeless do not have many options. It is our duty to love and care about others. Homeless people are human being too. No one should have to live out of a dumpster. All of us can assist the homeless. People should help those who dumpster dive because it would help the homeless stay fed, healthy and

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