Humorous Wedding Speech: Why You Are Here

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First off let me say I’m so happy to have you guys here with me today. You might be wondering why you are here. Why would people like you, who are important people like you come here from a no body like me. Well the awnser is simple. You are here because you want to make money. You are here because you want on the ground floor of the next hooters, applebees, chillis, Red Robin, and my favorite buffalo wild wings. You are here because you want to change the way this country eats and things about food. That’s why you here. Who is tired of going to the same estalibsment everyday and hoping for something different. Who is hoping that the people are happy and the food is good from the first time you are here to the last you came in the door. I know I’m so my fellow business owners I’m here to give and show you the future. I’m here to blow …show more content…
We will have a bar and a bartender that will have a tablet that will let him know how to make drinks he never heard of and he will interact with the guest. Second thing is you can pay at your table and tip on the monitor. Now many of you are probably wondering what is the SWOT and who are we going after. First let me talk about the SWOT. First off the Stregnt is that we are new and we get you food out to you fast. We are building a brand starting one store at a time. Weakness is that the technology is new and their will be a lot of bugs to work out over the first couple of month and maybe that first year. The Opportunities are that we crave out a new place in the market and we build on that. The threat is that other companys will see and follow and the technology is so new its going to be hard to get over that. The target market is young people who love technology. Families who want to wow their kids and have fun and have good food. I know that what I have just presented is new and scary, but no one ever got rich playing it save. Who is ready to sit on a tree with me and who, who, who all the way to the

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