Persuasive Speech About Fast Food

Everyone deserves to be happy with themselves and be healthy. I get it it’sits hard not to eat and a delicious burger or some greasy fries but there are better ways. You can still eat the same things you love but make it with a healthy twist. Already many companies are evolving because of the huge demand for better food. If more and more people kept demanding these things as in healthier choices that don’t consist of fattening and poisoning chemicals in them then maybe those restaurants you love will change. I get that maybe it’s not as cheap and you love the unhealthy things in these foods that make them so good but you 're worth it because you deserve to live a happy and healthy life.
Fast Food companies are spending $4.2 billion dollars
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I was raised eating very healthy and told fast food is gross and whenever I eat something slightly fast food it makes me sick to my stomach so I stay away from it. If we did that rather than giving them a Fast food burger and fries at the age of 3 obesity and companies would lower. So many children are at unhealthy weights nowadays and they’re getting diabetes before they’re even teenagers. It’s just sad to see these children having to grow up like this and can’t really get out of it unless they were willing to work very hard. “In 2012, more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese” (CDC). That’s a large number that shouldn’t exist we need to do what we can to make sure we keep our children healthy and not put their life at risk by giving them these foods that potentially end their life if they have too much. Everyone deserves to love their body and if they are obese and love their body that’s great I’m not saying bigger is beautiful but they are unhealthy which is the problemthe problem is. Some people are bigger by genetics and that 's ok but when they’re slowly killing themselves with foods that cause diabetes and heart attacks and just life threatening things then that not ok. “Only 21% (Links to an external site.) of youth age 6-19 eat the …show more content…
Most fast foods are super cheap because they put a bunch of bad stuff in the products and it doesn’t take much to make. Most fast food products are just quickly made with no time put into them or even good quality products so they’re so cheap. The healthier options are more expensive because people put more time into them and actually want to make a good quality product and they use good quality ingredients. If we replaced the cheap and bad companies with more healthy companies and found a way to produce products faster than we could make the products so much cheaper. Plus organic and healthy companies aren’t as easy to come across as fast food restaurants so they need to charge more but if we made it bigger and have more than things would become

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