Persuasive Speech : A Speech Essay

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1. Although talking is preferred to using force, not all talk is equally productive in conflict resolution. One of the best ways to look at destructive versus productive talk is to look at how the style of your communication can create unproductive defensiveness or a productive sense of supportiveness, a system developed by Jack Gibb (1961). The type of talk that generally proves destructive and sets up defensive reactions in the listener is talk that is evaluative, controlling, strategic, indifferent or neutral, superior, and certain. Strategy: When you use strategy and try to get around other people or situations through manipulation-especially when you conceal your true purposes-others are likely to resent it and to respond defensively. But when you act openly and with spontaneity, you’re more likely to create an atmosphere that is equal and honest.
2. Racist Speech: is a speech where one discriminates, threatens, or even underestimates another person based on their race, religion, nationality, beliefs and even their disability. I’ve experienced so many racist remarks, speech and attitudes during my lifetime. As a matter of fact, I did experience discrimination and hate growing up all my life on the Navajo reservation. However, I did move to the city to further my education at Mesa Community College when I graduated high school. My first day of orientation was a terrible experience with a couple students. I was patiently waiting seated at a round table with a few…

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