Persuasive Pros Of School Uniforms

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Image being a school aged child whose parents cannot afford to buy the newest or coolest clothes. Now imagine that everyday at school that child is bullied and made fun of for something that is out of their control. School uniforms have numerous benefits for both the student body and school administrators. Some of the benefits of implementing uniform requirements are; reduction in violence, closing the economic gap, and returning the focus of the academic environment to academics. There are several people who do not believe that uniforms are the answer to fixing the problems the United States of America faces in its schools, they are a modest step to correct a growing problem, but adults are responsible to forge every change they can to …show more content…
When all students and faculty are wearing the same uniform it inhibits the ability for outsiders to come in unnoticed. This tends to be a larger problem in urban areas, but school shootings and gang related violence are not segregated to urban areas and can happen anywhere. Uniforms make it possible for all members of the school to identify someone who may have ill intentions or does not belong. If a child notices them they can report that person to an administrator, if an administrator notices them they can take the necessary steps to verify whether or not that person has authorization to be there. The enforcement of uniforms also makes it more difficult for students to subtly identify themselves as gang members; this also increases the safety of schools. The principal from a school where uniforms have been implemented said, "now, no one is looking at shirts with graffiti or wondering if what [students] are wearing is affiliated with a gang or worrying about someone 's designer sweatshirt” (Boutelle, 2008). This statement indicates that there are at least some positive changes coming out of kids wearing uniforms at school. Some believe that the enforcement of school uniforms reduces the ability for students to express their religious beliefs. In school districts were uniforms are enforced there are exceptions in place for students …show more content…
A large percent of bullying happens as a result of what children are wearing, placing the focus of the academic environment on material items, instead of what is actually important such as academics and what is in the mind of the people around them. Taking the material items, i.e.: clothing, shoes, and accessories, out of the school returns at least some of the focus back to academics, thus reducing the amount bullying in the school. Allowing students to freely express their ideas and thoughts instead of worrying about bringing attention to themselves because kids already make fun of

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