Persuasive Language Analysis Essay

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Year 9 Persuasive Language Analysis Task
Text 1

1. What is the author’s main contention?
The authors main contention is to explain why the date of Australia Day should be changed. The Author thinks that changing the date of Australia Day will make Australia a better country and encourage all Australians to come together as one nation not two. In this text it says ‘Changing the date would show that we have aspirations for this country to become greater then it is. Our treatment of Indigenous People, of Asylum Seekers, of the homeless, of the unemployed, of women, of veterans, of pensioners is not great. It is not something worth celebrating.’ This shows the author believes that celebrating Australia Day on the 26th of January is nothing to
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An Example of where the author has used a rhetorical question is ‘Wouldn’t that send a better message to everyone that Australia Day is for ALL Australians to celebrate?’ The author has emphasised the word “ALL’ to get the reader’s attention as well as using a rhetorical question to encourage the reader to think about the question and engage the reader. An example of a generalisation is ‘Most people don’t even care about that actual date, the just want a day of work, or to have a few drinks, or to have a barbecue, or to wear a flag cape, or whatever it is people do.’ This is just generalising everything that has been said throughout this text, it also gives the reader the impression that its us against them and that they are ‘most people’. Another persuasive language technique that is used in this text is repetition. For example ‘Wouldn’t the day that Australia abolished this act and, on paper at least welcomed non-white migrants into Australia make more sense as a day to celebrate ‘what is great about Australia and being Australian.’ In this sentence the word Australia is used four times as repetition to get the authors point across which is that Australia is great, but not for the reasons Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January. These examples are just a few of the persuasive language techniques used throughout the

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