Persuasive Essay On School Start Later

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Later Start, Fresh Start Don’t you ever stay up late at night that when it’s time to wake up in the morning you just can’t get up? Late start is your solution. Having more time until later in the morning and completing the average amount of sleep needed can bring various benefits to kids of any age. Therefore, the school day should start later. It has been proven that the more time kids get to sleep and go to school later, they perform better in school and have better grades. For those high school drivers, the fact of sleeping more because of late start, can prevent car accidents that will be costly. Also, starting school later will help the student’s overall health and emotional, behavioral and physical problems. There is various benefits that starting the school day later provides to the students. Every parent wants their children to perform better in school, so why not find a way for them to succeed this. Late start is an opportunity that the school district should provide on the everyday basis that will allow the better performance of students in school. The more time that students get to sleep the better. Based on John Bush from Lima News, “adolescents ages 6 to 13 need between nine and 11 hours of sleep per night, and teenagers ages 14 to 17 need eight to 10 hours.“ Currently, not all students are getting the amount of sleep needed and as a result, their high performances at school lowers. Having a later start will allow students to keep the sleep needed and will provide …show more content…
Late starts can help students perform better in school, lower and prevent the amount of teen car crashes, help with their overall health and much more. All these benefits provided from late starts help the students in many ways, but gives their parents and family a relief having their kids safe and well educated. Therefore, late starts should be allowed throughout the

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