Teachers Should Be Paid

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Teachers generate thirty percent less each year compared to other college graduates (Orlin). Is that fair? A fifteen year teacher produces LESS than a college graduate who has no experience and is probably not ready for the real world? Something has to be done to show teachers across the United States that the nation thanks them for their service and they have been heard. Even though others believe higher pay could lower teaching qualities, teachers should be paid extra because they create the basis of education for billions of people, they are underappreciated, and they deserve higher credit.
To start off, teachers who have similar levels of education make fourteen percent more than what a teachers makes (“The Teacher Salary”). That seems
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If they did, then this would justify a pay raise for the teacher. A great example would be found in Tennessee, where “education officials just put a new plan in place that eliminates the annual step raises given solely for experience and advanced degrees, asking districts to also consider factors such as test scores and whether a teacher works in a high-needs school” (“How Should Teachers be Paid?”). In this case, something needed to be done about teachers pay and something was. The next solution is crazy and a great way to help this problem of teachers not being paid enough. A study by Mathematica Policy Research shows that The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School in New York City pays its teachers $125,000 a year, plus bonuses (“What Happens When...”).“We found that after four years of being enrolled in TEP, that students achieved about an additional 1.6 years of school in math, about 0.6 years of school in science, about 0.4 years of schooling in English language arts,” Ferguson noted the school was not set up just to give teachers a high salary (“What Happens When...”).“It was set up to reward excellent teachers and give them what the principal felt was their fair value” (“What Happens When...”). This is by far one of the best ideas I have heard of to fix this problem. One does not have to pay them $125,000 a year, but maybe like $75,000 thousand a year would be acceptable. This shows the improvement of quality of teaching and students’ actual learning. Doing something like this could help in ways not

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