Healthy Food Persuasive Essay

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“Childhood obesity is an increasingly common problem that can set children up for a lifetime of chronic health conditions ( Mangles). It can lead to health risks later in life, for example they can have a stroke, heart attacks, high blood pressure and trouble breathing. This all can lead up to diabetes. But what children can do is lose weight, eat healthy and just maintain their weight. If children don 't get their diet going they 're going to struggle more when they get into adulthood. The more children gain weight, the more difficult it will be losing weight. One of the biggest problems people are facing is expensive foods that they can 't afford. If the government provides healthy foods to obese children/ adults there would be a reduction …show more content…
If schools provide more healthy foods, there would be a decrease in childhood obesity. Children will be healthier and live a better lifestyle. They’ll be more energetic, be more positive and help them stay more focused in school. A student that tried the healthy meals said she really likes them “I think they’re great,” says Briana Garcia, a fifth-grader from Los Angeles, California (“What’s For Lunch”). Children that have a positive attitude in eating healthy foods will make their life easier, more productive and being much happier. This proves that it changes kids attitudes that may change them in a good way. They seem much happier about the meals and how good they are. Additionally principles say “These changes were made as a way to fight childhood obesity” (“What’s For Lunch”). In some schools it 's required to serve more fruits, veggies and low fat foods. It 's good that the government makes these changes if they want to keep children healthy. With all those changes happening 70% of the students, mostly liked the new lunches by the end of the year. This shows that there are good things happening in schools that provide healthy lunches at school, like kids’ attitudes are changing. In all this shows very positive feedback from students liking these good healthy …show more content…
People would stop complaining about the price of healthier foods, and once it is lowered, can 't complain about it anymore, and have no choice but to buy with the lowered prices. But since the prices on food that is healthier is really high, most people turn to food, and snacks that are not very good for their health, over that face that it 's cheaper. “ One of the main complaints is that too many foods goes to waste, and more money is being wasted” (Mangles). This shows how lawmakers and school officials say that kids who do not like healthy food just go and throw them away. That 's why the prices are raised because good food is just going to waste. According to the article Sling the bull.. “Most heavy people are reluctant walkers.” (Eikermann). This proves how everyday american children suffer from obesity. Another example is how they also suffer from breathing and can also lead to diabetes or even death. With this problem, obese children can’t do any outside or physical activities relating to exercise. They’ll be struggling in their daily lives if they keep having these problems. It will become a greater risk to have a heart attack or something even

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