Why Is Gun Control Important

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Guns are an important significance for the human. People believe that guns have been used as deadly weapons in battle since the first gun was created. However, the roles of guns play in the modern society have long been debated. As the shooting continually happened in the world, people begin to attach importance to consider whether we need gun control. Whereas according to a Pew Foundation report, 79% of male gun owners, 80% of female gun owners, and 64% of people whose family members have guns, they all felt safe in their lives. Should people really need gun control? In my perspective, there are several critical reasons why gun control is unnecessary.
There are several opinions to prove that we don’t need gun control. First, The majority of
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To begin with, guns are not safe. There are those people who believe that guns have no role in the hands of people, if we don 't have gun control, anyone can easily get guns. It is dangerous that if the people who don’t have enough knowledge of using guns. Gun owners are more dangerous than others who don’t have weapons, even though the gun owners are victims of the crimes. Similarly, guns can cause unintentional crimes. Gun control implementation is a great chance to avoid guns fall into the hands of kids, and it will reduce the results in some accidents. Also, gun control can reduce more gun deaths. More guns lead to more suicides. Suicides are highly using with guns, as it is much easily used in immediately when people are impetuous. Thus, restrictions on guns will likely reduce the number of such crimes and protect society security. In short, some people believe we should have gun …show more content…
To begin with, gun control is useless for gun safety. There are many murder weapons to put us in danger, such as transportation, pest control, knife, and so on. If we only want to control gun ownerships to prevent harm, we also need to think about control other murder weapons. Also, if we have gun control, kids still have chances to play guns, if their parents have legal guns at home. It states that gun control is helpless to avoid kids to use guns. After that, gun control is not a guarantee of reducing deaths. To implement gun control, it means governments restrict the sales, purchases, owning and carrying guns. It is not only ineffective in reducing death rates, but that increases with high speed. Similarly, criminals do not care laws as they illegally do many other things. Criminals will still find a way to obtain guns if they want to do, and it makes other citizens without any weapons to use in defense. Also, gun control will create another income resources of criminals. They create black markets to sell illegal guns, and it will surely develop. Moreover, guns are not the only weapons that criminals use. Criminals will find more harmful weapons, and it makes the gun control laws even more unavailing and helpless. Finally, gun control is not enough. Guns don 't kill people; people kill people. Guns are simple tools used by people, and they have no ability to harm anyone. Thus, even if there is a gun control law in a place,

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