Arguments Against Lying

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White lies are the most common type of used lies, but there are also lies to protect others and lies to cause harm which are used less often. Teens and adults lie when they feel like it and need to in a situation that is presented to them. Experts like Immanuel Kant explains that all lies are unjustified, whereas Randy Cohen and Bella DePaulo express their professional opinion that lying is usually justified. For this reason, lying to others is sometimes justified due to lies protect others, maintain a healthy relationship, and lies harm the liar. To begin with, lying is sometimes justified when protecting one another from a life or death situation. Granted, it is known that all lies have a cost, since “Once a person finds out you lied , …show more content…
There is evidence Loretta Ragsdell discusses about how small children mimic behavior associated with lying. Additionally, they have a habit, tendency, “to repeat what is said around them” (Article 4, paragraph 6). But, it can also be said that this is no reason for society to keep on lying and demolish their real image. Moreover, Kant elaborates, “it harms the liar himself, by destroying his human dignity and making him more worthless” (Article 2, paragraph 3). In other words, a liar can hurt himself/herself by losing self-respect and not being valuable to know the truth of a certain condition. I interpret this to mean that people who are habitual liars should stop otherwise they’ll have a bad reputation. As well as, being like Kant who rejects all lies. As an illustration, Brad Blanton reflects on, “lying is stressful and hurts relationships” (Article 3, paragraph 3). That is to say, if society was honest, our lives won’t be stressful in comparison of figuring out a rubik’s cube which can damage a strong connection. To me this matters, in view of a liar can practice radical honesty where everybody tells the truth and are real with each other. Indeed, the development of radical honesty suggests a way for liars to accomplish truthfulness rather than affecting both society and one. All in all, professional liars face consequences as they get away with

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