Why I Chose Teaching Research

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Why do I teach? Teaching has always been a large part of my life. When I was growing up my mom was my teacher, so I grew up wanting to be a teacher. In high school I was able to help my classmates understand algebra and when they passed their tests because of my help, I had a sense of accomplishment that has not left me. While growing up with my mom as my teacher, I also was able to see the challenges that she went through. Challenges make me determined to overcome, thus when I saw my mom challenged by a troublesome student, or a class that she did not like to teach, I always volunteered to try to help her trouble shoot what the problem actually was and how she could alleviate it. I teach because I want to make a difference in the lives of …show more content…
I plan on making sure every day that my students are learning what they need to by having a couple of review problems over concepts that they should have previously learned. Asking the students questions to make sure they have understanding of the material is important to assessing whether student learning has taken place. Evaluations should not be feared but encouraged because evaluations are a good way of learning and making your teaching better. I have been evaluated once before and when I met with the teacher who evaluated me, she told me that I did not ask enough questions. So the next lesson I taught I came up with pre determined questions to ask the students and was prepared to ask more questions to make sure the students understood the material. Using evaluations to make myself a better teacher is important. Without evaluations I would not know what I could improve on and the students would not benefit as much from my teaching. My goal is to be the best teacher for the students that I am responsible for, and evaluations help measure my

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