Why Is Abortion Wrong

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How can we tell people not to kill each other if it is okay for a mother to kill their own child? Having a child is a lot of responsibility that not a lot of people can handle. However, abortion is not the answer. Abortion is wrong for a lot of reasons. Abortion is murder. Birth control and protection is inexpensive. There is no reason that a pregnant woman should want to get rid of a fetus when there are people from all around the world that try day in and day out to have kids or people that just can't have kids in general. If someone is not ready to have a kid they should not be having sexual intercourse or they should use some sort of protection. Some people say it’s their choice whether they can kill their baby or not but people should choose not to kill an innocent child. Abortion is a very controversial topic these days with many opinions. Personally, I am strongly against the idea of a mother killing their unborn baby. Also, if a person is not financially stable enough to have a child they should take every precaution so that they don't get pregnant. There are also programs for people who are not financially a stable enough to take care of a child so that cannot be used as an excuse. There are many reasons why people think that abortion should be illegal. One reason is If someone gets raped. In …show more content…
The United States citizens are granted certain rights that provide us with the ability to be our own person (Brown 2013). If a child is killed inside the mother's womb they are stripped of the most basic right of all. The right to life (Brown 2013). People think that just because the location of the baby is not in the “real world” yet means that they don't have any rights yet but that is not true (Brown 2013). The growing child still has a beating heart and a developing brain and all other characteristics that make the fetus a person. Killing an unborn baby is inhumane and cruel (Brown

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