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What Will Happen With Technology? The overuse of cellphones has ruined society and our ability to function in everyday life. Cell phones have created a multitude of problems in a very short amount of time. People can not hold a conversation, no one believes anybody is listening, and everyone’s attention span has shortened. What happened to families actually unplugging from technology as a whole and going outside or doing something together? In my opinion cell phones, though they have improved our lives in some standards, are creating a bigger issue that will only get worse. One issue cellphones have created is that the general public is nervous to have a conversation and interact with each other. Many people have said, “I’d rather text than talk” (TEDtalk: Connected, but Alone, Turkle). People’s fear of being wrong has snowballed into a fear of talking out loud. As much as society hates to admit it, our nation has taught everyone that they need to be perfect. A conversation happens in real …show more content…
When a person is not focusing on the important things, tragedies such as car accidents happen. Even with laws prohibiting texting and driving people continue to do it anyway. The drivers are not always the ones at fault for the accident. A pedestrian could be on his or her phone and start across the street when they do not have the right of way and crash or be hit. USA today has recorded that 1 in 3 car accidents are caused by cell phones. People can not stay off their phones long enough that they will use them during business meetings, school events, and even funerals. This behavior is extremely rude and completely unacceptable. It is not that hard to put down your cell phone for a few minutes to do something that is important to someone else. What is more important to you, living or posting a picture? Be safe on the road so you can enjoy your

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