Persuasive Essay Volunteering

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Billy is a kid who always goes above and beyond. He is a “Straight A” student in school and is always spending ample amounts of time volunteering at the local homeless shelter. His hundreds of hours of community service he racked up in high school however are insignificant when applying to colleges, as every other teenager in the country applying to has the same amount of time volunteered. The vast majority of students in high school already do something outside of school whether it is playing sports, taking part in a club such as FFA or FCCLA, having a job, or volunteering. While I believe volunteering is a great thing to, the fact of the matter is that mandating it would be a disservice to every student in the nation. The whole point of public service is for someone to take time out of their schedule and utilize it to assist the community in making it a better place, not forcing it upon someone when a lot of times they will not have the determination to pursue the project. “A larger problem is putting volunteers to work on projects that requires a lot of care when the volunteers may not feel the …show more content…
In my last two years of school I went to school, worked 25-30 hours a week, and played ice hockey. I was left with little to no time to hang out with friends and family; no social life. “When a student goes to school full times, is involved in extracurricular activities and also works, the time that is needed to participate in a community places quite a burden on the student” (Pearce, 3). I am one in a million kids that has to go through this. It is sometimes impossible to scavenge the time to complete homework, so how does the government expect people like myself to find time to abate volunteer hours? The answer to this question is simple; do not force kids into doing something that they do not have the time to

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