Arguments Against Flu Vaccine

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Christina Leonard
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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate? That is the question…
Imagine a world without the flu. Could that world be possible? Some scientists believe that it may be possible by incorporating a flu vaccine every year. I worked in a dental office, and we were given a choice every year to receive the vaccination or not. My employer paid for the vaccine; therefore, every year I would decide to roll my sleeve up, and endure the dreadful sting of a needle impaling my skin. One year, a few months after receiving the vaccine, I fell with fever, my body ached all over, and I paid a visit to my doctor. I was diagnosed with the flu. After further research, the flu vaccine is not what it is perceived and should not be administered because of the toxic ingredients in the vaccine, the possible long term effects of the ingredients in the vaccine, and lastly, the vaccine, for some cases, has been proven to be ineffective.
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The Center for Disease Control recommends receiving the flu vaccine every year because the flu virus changes every year; thus, the vaccine changes with the flu. After someone is vaccinated, a person’s body is protected from the vaccine virus because their immune system produces antibodies that will protect them; however, because the flu virus changes every year it is recommended to be revaccinated every year. The Center for Disease control recommends the flu vaccine for everyone 6 months or older and it is especially important for older people, pregnant woman and young children because they are at high risk for influenza complications. However, it is recommended that anyone who has ever had a severe reaction after the first dose of a vaccine, has a fever or eczema flare-up, has a history of autoimmune diseases in their family, or has any immune deficiencies or neurological diseases to not receive the vaccine.

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