Competitive Cheerleading Essay

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Cheerleading is a sport because it requires the time and dedication to be the best to compete against another team just as any other activity. The history of competitive cheerleading is young. In only the last forty years, cheerleading has branched out to be one of the fiercest competitions crowds watch, today. (Delp). Today’s society confuses sideline cheerleading with competitive cheerleading, or allstar cheerleading. The two are completely different. The definition of a sport is, “ an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for excitement.” (Definition of a Sport). It seems that the word sport only applies to soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, the sports schools …show more content…
It requires just as much time and effort as any other sport is. A sport is something that makes an athlete happy and lets the athlete have fun. To cheerleaders, cheerleading is what they love and it is a sport. (Cheerleading is a Sport). Cheerleaders put in hours of hard work to compete flawless at the competitions they compete at. It is just as competitive as basketball, football, or baseball. Cheerleaders walk in prepared to win at every competition and practice hard at each practice to be better than what the athlete was the day before. (History of Competitive Cheerleading). Cheerleading gives an athlete 's endless benefits, socially, and physically. The sport helps build strength, and stay in shape. Socially, cheerleading requires the athletes to be social, and be able to be confident in front of a crowd cheering. Cheerleaders make it easy to be friends with each other, because all the athletes have to work together it is easy to be friends with each other. (Facts About Competitive Cheerleaders). Cheerleaders have to be accepting to new members to that gym. (Cheerleading Facts). Cheerleading is a sport, whether it is competitive cheerleading or sideline cheerleading. Both are just as competitive as any other sport, and require just as much time, effort, and

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