The Day The Spider Research Paper

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The Day the Spiders Struck

I’ve always hated spiders. One sentence, and you can probably see where this is going. I hated them. So when I turned the corner into my backyard, my sunny sky turned into a black one with gray clouds that twisted like my petrified expression.

Their hairy little tiny bodies, the fat or skinny 8 legs that all moved at different times. They were little unseen bandits in the night, coming into my home, stealing all my courage so that when I woke up, I’d be terrified. Even writing this, I shiver and shake. Huuuuuhhhh…. When I lived in my old house, I had an outdoor shower. After coming home from the lake, an individual would go into the backyard and take a shower. It was super convenient. But it had one flaw. Bugs.
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It made sense, as it was great shelter for the bugs! And trust me, I love a little shade, but I secretly wished that the sunlight would stomp in here and shatter the shells of the spooky little sneaks. Cackling could be heard coming from the vermins as they stared at me with all of their 32,000 eyes. And then they just slithered away, and they weren’t even snakes! Thousands of little legs, wiggling, moving, bopping in and out. The beastly, blood-curdling bugs made me want to bellow, “Bippity-boppity, boo, be gone!” Now don’t get me wrong, the shower wasn’t infested, it wasn’t dirty, but just think about it. If you leave a wooden shower in your backyard for quite some hours when it’s humid and there are shady shelves in the shower, the bugs are obviously going to head over there. (Not to mention the delightful smell of the Dove shampoo and the Lush shower products. Who could resist?) It’s not like it was a huge hassle to clean the bugs off, you just turned on the shower or got the hose (which was right next to the shower) and just sprayed the bugs off. It was simple, but scary. My dad made fun of me because I was too afraid to walk into the shower and just turn the nozzle to the side, but fears were

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