Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of Waiting For Organs

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Do you hate waiting for something you really, really want? Well, so do hundreds of thousands of people, but instead they’re waiting for organs. Unfortunately they can’t wait forever, and 18 people die each day waiting, but that can change. According to the article, “Donor Stories”, by Robin, a mother in Tennessee telling about her 15 year old son Blake. As Mother’s Day draws near, I feel a sense of dread coming over me. May 13, 2001 will be 2 years since the death of my youngest son, Blake. On May 12th, Blake and my older son Bryce were involved in a car accident on the way to a high school soccer game. That evening at the hospital, we were in shock when we were told that Blake was brain dead and would not survive. Bryce was still in intensive …show more content…
People think if they donate organs that they or their family will need to fund the cost. Although all the cost will fall to the recipient not the donor. People are afraid it will affect their own medical treatment. But the surgeons involved will be different from those saving you. Since the donor does not get to choose who their organs go to, with the exception of kidney and partial lung transplants, this may be a concern for people that feel uncomfortable with their organs going to someone of a different gender, religion, class, faith, etc. That however is not falsely accused and is quite difficult to argue against. Although if one is donating something they shouldn’t be picky to whom it’s going to. Now that you’ve heard both the problem and solution try visualizing this. Imagine if ones friend or loved one doesn’t get an organ donation and it costs them their lives. But now imagine with my solution ones friend or loved one survives a tragic accident because they were able to get an organ donation when he or she needed it. Right now there are 28,463 people who have finished getting transplants, and there are 14,630 donors. The number of people on the waiting list is shocking its 105,567 people. That number will drop as long as more and more people are being educated on the subject at hand, organ

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