Narrative On Bullying

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The bullied and the bully. I asked my mother if she had remembered the time I was being bullied as a child. She had offered me more information than my memory could. She remembered me often saying that I wanted to go to a different school, and how much I hated the school I attended. Being a chubby child, I was bigger than my other classmates. I was often called names, names having to do with my weight. Now I can barely remember those days’, I’ve blocked those memories except for one- the defining moment my childhood bully of two years left me alone. Marconi and I rode the same bus with assigned seats side by side. I always tried my best to ignore her. Her focus was always on me she began saying hateful things, and I repeatedly told …show more content…
Some point their fingers to the children. "It seems to me if it 's a few kids then you have to take away the few kids." Jackie, the mother of Alex says to the principal with tears in her eyes. "You 'll have to trust me that well take care of that other child..."(bully, 2011) The principal says to Alex’s parents trying to comfort them with hopeful words. With the hopes of change on the horizon Alex still endures being isolated by the other kids as well as being punched and stabbed on the bus. (Bully, 2011) School officials are quick to say that they can fix the issue at hand. But what should be done when kids take their lives, having said that they told teachers, their parents, and no one spoke up until it was too late. Some could point their fingers to the school officials and parents. Luckily for Alex his parents know what’s really going on at school and try to end it by speaking to the principal. Unfortunately so many victims tell an authority figure, their parents, and even friends about the things that go through but no one speaks up on their behalf. Tyler Long was a 17 year old boy who constantly bullied in a physical way. His clothes were taken from him after gym when he was in the showers, his head was rammed into lockers and the list goes on and on. Tyler 's father says days before Tyler committed suicide he heard that was told to hang himself. (Bully, 2011) When word got out to the town that Tyler had committed suicide, it was reported that students came to school with ropes around their neck as a mockery to Tyler’s situation. Sadly enough the only thing Tyler 's parents have now are memories and home tapes of when Tyler was a small child, happy to be in the

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