Benefits Of Sports Research Paper

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There are actively around forty five million kids who participate in sports who gain endless benefits everyday. Some of the main benefits include physical, mental, and good morals which are just a few of the many assets gained from sports. Athletics have helped many people to overcome struggles they have faced, and enable the ability to learn new things. The benefits of sports help people to gain skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. One of the physical benefits of a sport is, it helps maintain a healthy weight. While playing in games and practices it burns calories,resulting in a more fit body from the consistent exercise ( “16 Surprising Benefits of Playing Sports”).When participating in a sport, bone density is maintained from constant …show more content…
This happens by stimulating endorphins when moving around that in conclusion help with feeling more relaxed and optimistic (Watson, Kathryn). In addition sports boost self esteem, when goals are achieved in sports, it develops self confidence by showing the ability to achieve what the mind is put up to, developing self esteem ( “Benefits of Sports for Adolescents”). Mental benefits from sports also include becoming smarter by the amount of memorization that is required for playing sports, by repetition and learning. An example of this is taekwondo, in order to achieve the next level in the sport it is necessary to memorize the routine assigned, this action works the part of your brain created for memorizing, resulting in a brighter brain ( “Benefits of Sports for Adolescents”). It is also important to realize that the brain is strengthened through problem solving. An illustration of this skill is when facing opponents. The need to figure out how a team plays to strategize against them, in order to achieve the end goal of defeating them. All of these skills exercise the brain, allowing academic scores to go up resulting in a smarter

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