Persuasive Essay Sex Education

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Sex might be considered funny, or not appropriate by many but it is a very real subject that need to conversed openly and truthfully. Abstinence programs consist of just the idea that sex is a bad and that you should wait to do it till you are married. Comprehensive programs teach the consequences of sexual interactions, how your sexual organs work, and how to prevent STIs and pregnancies. The rates of STD’s and teenage pregnancies in the U.S. have been rising dramatically in certain areas, and these increases are connected to a lack of sex education in school. Many citizens in the US advocate very thoroughly that comprehensive sex education is almost like a poison that can’t be treated and the only way that sex education should be taught is with abstinence only. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is easily seeable that in countries that embrace abstinence-only education there is a major rise in sexually active teens. A thorough comprehensive sex education curriculum needs to be part of basic school education nationwide.
Believing that keeping teens away from sex and teaching can be seen the only way to keep children safe from sex. “Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy… Practicing abstinence ensures that a girl won 't become pregnant because there 's no opportunity for sperm to fertilize an egg.” This quite true because if a woman does not have sex there is no way that the
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This should be very easy to get across to people but apparently parents don’t agree with it. Why they wouldn’t want their children to be educated in this topic is something I feel is irresponsible. Education is an inalienable right not something that parents can restrict and censor. These effects can be seen throughout the US in high teen pregnancies, STD rates, and rape numbers. The easiest way to fix these issues are to educate instead of restricts teenagers

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