Persuasive Essay : STOP Polltation And Save The Bees

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STOP POLLUTION AND SAVE THE BEES! How long have you heard that one? It’s easy to push this topic to the back of our minds. The problems that span the earth have long standing issue that has been ignored. Why? Because there’s little we individually can do about it. But in all reality, it’s something we absolutely need to be worrying about. The threat of extinction increases with each passing day. Some people believe that the current crisis of extinction is already being resolved, but in truth it is not getting resolved because people continue to add extensive stress, and pose threats to the environment and the animals that live in it. Stressors have always been here and will continue to be long after we leave. What exactly is a stressor? It’s stress. Specifically on the environment and the ecosystems in it. If stressors have always been here, then what’s it got to do with us, the human race? A valid question answered this way: we add a significant amount of unnecessary stress. For example, a herd of wildebeests strip the land they travel over of all grass and plants. But the land is given time to recover and flourish. People remove a section of forest to sell some timber. Soon after, a series of houses are built on the bare land that could have allowed saplings to begin growing. The point? Although, yes, “humans require resources to survive” and these resources come from our environment, we aren’t allowing the earth to recover (Shah). In other words, the earth is able to to

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