Persuasive Essay: Pro-choice Abortion

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Destinee Riggs
Professor Camila Alvarez
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Persuasive Essay: Pro-choice Abortion In 1973 in the United States in the Roe V. Wade decision, the supreme court ruled that women, in consultation with their physician, have a constitutionally protected right to have an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy- that is, before viability- free from government interference. (Guttmacher Institute) This did not spark the controversy of the topic, however. Can you remember a time in your past or even in the present where you could bring up the topic of abortion and everybody was calm and supportive? I cannot. Abortion has been a discouraged activity it seems since before abortion was even printed in a
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I am pro-choice abortion because I have indeed had an abortion. Five months after my fifteenth birthday I found out I was pregnant. I was not even halfway through my sophomore year of high school and my boyfriend of 8 months at the time was not either. He was scared more than I. I had no money to my name. I had no license, no car, and no high school diploma. Damien did not have any of those things either. We were still children ourselves. We were not prepared to have any children of our own. Both of our families had incomes below 100% of the poverty level and we did not want to bring a child into the world to watch it’s parents struggle, attempting with every ounce of energy they had to even be able to provide food for the kid. Our own parents could barely provide food for us, so asking them for help was an eliminated option. To think that we gave up the child because we have not even begun to live our lives would be impeccably selfish. However I cannot deny admitting that for Damien some percent of that must have been true. Not for me. I desired to keep my child. It tore away at my soul to know that I was giving up some part of me. But it was better for the

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